What Makes Our Ready. Set. Work. Curriculum Unique?

Watch this video message from Aleta Maxwell.

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Are you & your staff stressing over what to include in your job-readiness program?

As if that's not enough,
you also have to worry about how to: 

  • Encompass all needs of your participants to be job-ready
  • Keep the course material relevant to today's job market
  • Empower your participants and build confidence
  • Design the program in an easy-to-digest way

A ready-to-use curriculum for your job-readiness program.

Take the pressure off your staff to create an effective curriculum and use ours instead.

We got you covered.

We have designed an effective course curriculum that not only meets the above criteria, but also streamlines the way you administer your job-readiness program.


Ready. Set. Work.

This online program will teach your participants the key professional skills needed to set them up for success!

Video Lectures

8.5 hours in total

Text Material

110 pages


8 Quizzes


1 Completion Certificate

What's included in this course?

  • 8 Modules
  • 52 Topics with Videos
  • Workbook Assignments
  • Quizzes and Final Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

Suitable for All Learners.

Each lesson is a pre-recorded video with PowerPoint slides to address all types of learners: auditory, readers, and visual learners. 

Flexible Curriculum.

Whether you creating the curriculum from scratch or need to update your existing program, we are happy to build a lesson plan that suits your needs.

Interactive & Engaging

With engaging video content, quizzes and workbook assignments, your participants will be fully immersed from start to finish.  Your facilitators can even meet with the participants to guide and lead discussions around each lesson.

Effective & Empowering

You will have participants thanking you for enabling them to walk confidently into interviews and new jobs because of the preparation given in this course!

The Course Curriculum

Here's a preview of the course

The complete video lesson from Module 2 Lesson 1

Owning and Selling Your Value

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This lesson guides the participants to craft how to tell their own unique story for an interview in a way that shows their value to the interviewer!
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Ready to discuss how you can adopt the Ready. Set. Work. course for your program?

Meet your course instructor & CREATOR

Aleta Maxwell

I’ve spent over 25 years working in highly competitive environments to help others build their confidence and develop the professional skills required to move up in their careers.  As a professional leadership coach and former CHRO, my ultimate goal is to ensure team members get hired and noticed for the skills they bring to the table. This is a key factor that has helped me successfully lead teams as big as 700 people at a time, resulting in a thriving work environment, lower retention costs, and greater job satisfaction.

Stop worrying if your curriculum is encompassing all the needs of your participants to be job-ready.

Focus on the facilitation and leave the curriculum up to us.

I look forward to discussing with you how we can help bring your job-readiness program to life!

Aleta Maxwell

Leadership Coach & Founder
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What Our Students Are Saying

I’ve enjoyed every last piece of advice given throughout each lesson. I look forward to applying these tips to my everyday lifestyle as well. Most of all my favorite quote from the course, HAS to be "energy determines intention”, thank you so much!!!!


I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to work efficiently and I believe I will hold some or most of the things I’ve learned here and take it with me to progress my life. Thank you.

R. Santiago
I've learned how to develop oneself in the workforce and what Hazzard to look for when improving. I've learned how to be an advocate for myself in the workforce. I liked how we had discussions about how to act, achieve and perform, better in a work environment so that we can reach higher positions.
c. orozco

I have learned a great deal on how to present and pitch myself in the best possible way and to better support the team around me, not just myself.

J. ortega

Learned how to work on my goals better. I enjoyed learning on how to better myself. I learned that there are better ways to deal with people in in difficult situations. I enjoyed learning how to be a better person.

K. campbell-anderson
This course helped me improve my time management, interview skills. and how to properly approach my boss with questions. it also made me feel more open and comfortable with myself to communicate with not just my boss but everyone at work if any goes wrong on the job site. This course has shown me how to manage, interview, and properly ask questions to improve myself at work. This course also has been really helpful because now I'm more confident at work.
s. Alavarez