Turn a Difficult Conversation Into An Empowering One.

The book that teaches managers and leaders how to have difficult conversations that leave all parties feeling motivated and inspired. 

Uplifting Leaders contains
specific communication strategies to help you...


and engage in hard or difficult conversations while managing others


others in your communication by learning how to be vulnerable and state clear intentions


into difficult conversations instead of avoiding them


to be a better leader by having confidence in your communication skills

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A great leader is someone who helps their team feel seen, heard, and appreciated - all of which stem from clear communication. Without clear communication, assumptions are made, relationships are weakened, results plummet and issues arise.

Developing your communication skills are critical to helping you thrive in the workplace and reach your career goals. In my
"Uplifting Leaders" book, you will learn invaluable communication strategies and techniques that you can use to lead your team to success. 
Aleta Maxwell
Author & Leadership Coach