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Aleta Maxwell

Your complimentary strategy call with Aleta includes:

  • At least 45 minutes of authentic, personal conversation with an experienced leadership coach and organizational consultant.
  • A customized action plan focused on your needs and priorities so you are clear on what needs to happen next.
  • Recommendations on the best development program to resolve your challenges and get you to the next level.
personalized development

One-On-One Coaching

Personalized instruction & support from an experienced leadership coach so you can become an effective leader and communicator for your team and company.
Fully customized approach for employees at all levels to increase efficiency and maximize fulfillment in the workplace.
Examples of focus include re-assessing goals, re-defining values and developing the necessary skills to move forward with clarity & confidence in your role.
Empower leaders with the tools needed to operate at their best and successfully reach the next step in their career.
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corporate coaching

Organizational Consultancy & 360 Feedback

Receive an in-depth assessment of your company's micro + macro structure and implement a personalized action plan that will set your company up for success. 
By meeting directly with those that you want targeted input and feedback from (stakeholders, peers, and those across the organization), we can make sure you get not only the feedback you need to reach your goals but an action-oriented plan to put the feedback to good use.
Learn how to best navigate around the new workplace environments and sensitive issues created from the pandemic - without losing your confidence as a leader. 
Uncover inefficiencies and maximize the market value of your organization.  
team deveopment

Group Coaching

Customized Support for small teams that would like to communicate better with each other in order to achieve goals and ensure engagement.
Meetings will take place with the full group to learn more about how each shows up for the team.
These packages start with one-on-one sessions for each person, focusing on their communication style and values/needs.
Packages vary in length and scope, depending on the teams' needs and situations.
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Graphic of person reading a book
Communication Development

Book Club Facilitation

Aleta's book 'Uplifting Leaders: How to Have Difficult Conversations that Motivate and Inspire' is a perfect book to read as a leadership team, or with the team you manage.
Through facilitation through the book by Aleta, the team will be able to build trust and lay the foundation for great working relationships.
Through reading and discussing the book together, your team will get comfortable with communicating, even in tense or difficult situations, 
Establish cohesive communication strategies and principles in a comfortable way while Aleta develops each member's interpersonal skills.

What Our Coaching Clients Are Saying


Senior Director | Non-Profit
Aleta has been an amazing coach. I am so happy I started this process with her. She has become my go-to support person as a coach, and has helped me tremendously by guiding me through finding myself and what I am best at. I have seen my confidence grow, especially during this time of unknown. Aleta is professional and great at what she does. Thank you, Aleta!!


Working with Aleta has truly changed my life. She is helping me create the person I want to be and build a career and life that brings me happiness. Each conversation brings a new lesson and skill I can apply to every aspect of my life so that I can reach any goal I dream up. Aleta comes from a place of understanding, experience, care, and trust. I look forward to each session because at the end of each I feel empowered and unstoppable in my pursuit of happiness. She will help you realize what a badass woman you are especially when at first you don't see it in yourself.


Senior VP of Operations | YMCA of the East Bay
I had the opportunity to work with Aleta in opening a new facility. She has the ability to lead key operational initiatives while keeping a focus on day-to-day functions with the strategic vision serving as her platform. Aleta is able to interpret the business related capabilities necessary for sound business practices required for decision-making and planning. Additionally, her ability to articulate the strategic focus of the organization served as an asset in her leadership position. I would highly recommend Aleta for any organization looking for a solid team member with strengths in human resources, accounting, payroll, supervision and internal and external collaboration.


CEO/ Founder
Aleta is an amazing leader who understands the dynamics of leading people in the work plan. Her experience and training have helped us have a better understanding of each other within our workplace!


Aleta's advice positioned me to successfully resolve several tough employee situations. Moreover, not only were the individual issues handled with positive outcomes, but because Aleta took the time to clearly explain to me the underlying principles behind her advice, I've been able to apply her coaching in so many other instances in managing my team. Outstanding!


Working with Aleta Maxwell, for the past 2 years has changed my life and the life of my non-profit and for-profit social enterprise. She has instilled in me a reflective nature that consistently motivates me to be the servant leader I've always wanted to be. Her ability to see past my initial remarks or circumstances to uncover deeply rooted patterns, negative beliefs or restrictive thoughts is uncanny. She has helped me grow my non-profit from a team of 3 to now, 16 people and growing. Aleta has coached me through toxic relationships in business within my start-up helping us grow from a team of 3 to a powerhouse team of 8! With Aleta Maxwell in my corner, I believe we will be able to hit our revenue triggers and our company goals for the next 5 years sooner than projected.