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Your complimentary strategy call with Aleta includes:

  • At least 45 minutes of authentic, personal conversation with an experienced leadership coach and organizational consultant.
  • A customized action plan focused on your needs and priorities so you are clear on what needs to happen next.
  • Recommendations on the best development program to resolve your challenges and get you to the next level.

How to Work With Us

Individuals and Owners

Developing skills based on each individual's needs with one-on-one coaching

We are often consulted when a manager, executive, or any individual for that matter, needs help in developing to his/her full capacity. A highly skilled individual may have deep knowledge in a particular area but does not have the skills to manage people. There are others who can manage people, but need deeper development of a certain area. 
One-on-one coaching helps those in the executive level, business owners, as well as those who are new to management and need development on the softer-skills necessary to manage and inspire others.
Personalized instruction & support from an experienced leadership coach so you can become an effective leader and communicator for your team and company.
Fully customized approach for employees at all levels to increase efficiency and maximize fulfillment in the workplace.
Examples of focus include how to create buy-in, how to influence others, and how to collaborate in a safe way.
Empower leaders with the tools needed to operate at their best and successfully reach the next step in their career.
Build the ability to manage priorities, knowing when to interfere in a discussion, learning to communicate with others to inspire them, managing for the long run
Engage in intensive sessions, or deep dives, that are tailored to the needs of the individual
Build skills aimed at developing effective communication, putting mechanisms in place for greater accountability and consequently building an atmosphere of trust on your team and in your company. 
Increased awareness and skill development on the topics or problems of interest to the client.


Creating teams that are more effective to the organization and in reaching productivity goals.

This coaching is perfect for leadership teams and executive teams in the same organization that need to develop skills in a unified way to further the overall goals as well as meet individual needs. Our '360 Feedback' approach assesses needs and feedback from the team to provide valuable information in order to improve the leadership skills, creating an engaged and successful team and organization.
One-on-one coaching for each individual on the team, customized to their individual needs and yet incorporating the vision of the company.
Building the ability to identify areas of growth for employees under supervision and knowledge of how to create plans of development as well as how to gain buy-in and engagement from the team members.
Examples of focus include creating a culture of constant feedback, how to hold accountable in a healthy way, and how to inspire and motivate the team to reach the company goals.
Empower leaders with the tools needed to effectively communicate and motivate their teams to reach their full potential and be fully engaged at work.
Developing the knowledge of how to motivate and inspire employees in a transparent and trusting environment.
Engage in intensive sessions, or deep dives, that are tailored to the needs of the individual.
Build skills aimed at developing effective communication, putting mechanisms in place for greater accountability and consequently building an atmosphere of trust on your team and in your company. 
Increased awareness and skill development on the topics or problems of interest to the client.


Helping teams work together well, resulting in a thriving and motivated environment

We utilize personality assessments along with one-on-one sessions to dig into each individual's unique motivational needs and communication style. 
We then meet as a group in a safe space to share how and why each communicates and collaborates the way they do and agree upon communication strategies to move forward with. 
This allows all to be held accountable in a healthy way, resulting in a team that is built on trust in order to be effective in the organization and reach goals.
Personalized individual assessment testing with one-on-one session to discuss the results.
Helping teams understand that the way we work together has a lot to do with how we accept new ideas and how we learn to trust one another
More awareness among individuals of how they communicate and interact with colleagues, clients, and supervisors.
Increased engagement within the team and projects because each team member feels seen, heard, and appreciated.
Curated in a safe, uplifting and encouraging way ensuring all feel able to share and help build each other up
Empowered team members who are able to contribute and provide valuable feedback.
This work is less about skill development and more about how the members of the team work together.
Increased awareness of the importance of team communication dynamics and how to accommodate others' unique styles and motivations while collaborating.
Graphic of person reading a book
Communication Development

Book Club Facilitation

Aleta's book 'Uplifting Leaders: How to Have Difficult Conversations that Motivate and Inspire' is a perfect book to read as a leadership team, or with the team you manage.
Through facilitation through the book by Aleta, the team will be able to build trust and lay the foundation for great working relationships.
Through reading and discussing the book together, your team will get comfortable with communicating, even in tense or difficult situations, 
Establish cohesive communication strategies and principles in a comfortable way while Aleta develops each member's interpersonal skills.

Coaching Client Testimonials

Real Clients. Real Results.

"During my time with Aleta, I have completely evolved as an executive leader. I had set out to improve the effectiveness of my communication with my peers and upward as a member of the executive leadership team and that now feels like a skill that is old hat for me. I look forward to every session with Aleta because I know that she will have actionable, concrete feedback to help me work through whatever is challenging me -- and she will hold me accountable for actions toward addressing a new set of challenges before our next session. She also helps to give me perspective when I am too hard on myself, enabling me to look at situations from different angles to give myself more grace."

Marisa S.

Senior Vice President, Product

One-on-one coaching

"When I started in May 2022, I was very much new in my position and I thought I would be proving myself in the position by doing everything myself and in a such a speed. Everything was urgent in my mind. I had 0 patience for anything. My analytical skills were not developed and I thought that only what I'm doing is urgent and important. Looking back now, I can say that I was very hard to work with. After 8 months of coaching, I now know how to control the stress and the workload that's coming to me in a day. I learned how to be an active listener, how to manage time better and how to be open with my subordinates when it comes to my expectations from them. I learned how to "clean" my day from just tasks, so I can focus on what's important. I became calm and more confident in people management. "

Zorica Vukovic

Director Of Operations & Hospitality
The Group NYC

One-on-one coaching
"My experience with Uplifting Leadership was extremely helpful and useful. The feedback provided gave me clear roadmap to follow and establish priorities among those pending items. Communication was always easy and extremely accessible, which speaks on a genuine interest on their behalf to help their clients succeed and be better HR administrators."

Diana Najera

HR Manager

One-on-one coaching and Business Consulting

"I feel invincible after each session with Aleta. And that is not a hyperbole. She raises awareness, unveils the cloudiness, reframes challenges, provides a variety of tools and methods like MacGyver, debunks all the “shoulds”, and moves you towards your intentions and goals. Aleta empowers you, whether you’re the CEO, VP of Finance, Director of Ops, or Head of HR, she meets you at where you are. She helps you clear your vision and pave the path in the direction you want to go. She has been able to gel our leadership team in ways we couldn’t imagine done within a short period of time. She is not just my executive coach, she has become my life coach. Whether I’m having a rough or a successful week, I look forward to the warmest and kindest “Hi” from Aleta."

Angela Wang

Director of Human Resources
The Group NYC

One-on-one coaching and business consulting

"Working with Aleta has truly changed my life. She is helping me create the person I want to be and build a career and life that brings me happiness. Each conversation brings a new lesson and skill I can apply to every aspect of my life so that I can reach any goal I dream up. Aleta comes from a place of understanding, experience, care, and trust. I look forward to each session because at the end of each I feel empowered and unstoppable in my pursuit of happiness. She will help you realize what a badass woman you are especially when at first you don't see it in yourself."



One-on-one coaching
"Aleta has been an amazing coach. I am so happy I started this process with her. She has become my go-to support person as a coach, and has helped me tremendously by guiding me through finding myself and what I am best at. I have seen my confidence grow, especially during this time of unknown. Aleta is professional and great at what she does. Thank you, Aleta!!"


Senior Director

One-on-one coaching