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"During my time with Aleta, I have completely evolved as an executive leader. I had set out to improve the effectiveness of my communication with my peers and upward as a member of the executive leadership team and that now feels like a skill that is old hat for me. I look forward to every session with Aleta because I know that she will have actionable, concrete feedback to help me work through whatever is challenging me -- and she will hold me accountable for actions toward addressing a new set of challenges before our next session. She also helps to give me perspective when I am too hard on myself, enabling me to look at situations from different angles to give myself more grace."

Marisa S.

Senior Vice President, Product
One-on-one coaching

Zorica Vukovic

Director Of Operations & Hospitality
The Group NYC

One-on-one coaching
"When I started in May 2022, I was very much new in my position and I thought I would be proving myself in the position by doing everything myself and in a such a speed. Everything was urgent in my mind. I had 0 patience for anything. My analytical skills were not developed and I thought that only what I'm doing is urgent and important. Looking back now, I can say that I was very hard to work with. After 8 months of coaching, I now know how to control the stress and the workload that's coming to me in a day. I learned how to be an active listener, how to manage time better and how to be open with my subordinates when it comes to my expectations from them. I learned how to "clean" my day from just tasks, so I can focus on what's important. I became calm and more confident in people management. "
"My experience with Uplifting Leadership was extremely helpful and useful. The feedback provided gave me clear roadmap to follow and establish priorities among those pending items. Communication was always easy and extremely accessible, which speaks on a genuine interest on their behalf to help their clients succeed and be better HR administrators."

Diana Najera

HR Manager

One-on-one coaching and Business Consulting

Angela Wang

Director of Human Resources
The Group NYC

One-on-one coaching and business consulting
"I feel invincible after each session with Aleta. And that is not a hyperbole. She raises awareness, unveils the cloudiness, reframes challenges, provides a variety of tools and methods like MacGyver, debunks all the “shoulds”, and moves you towards your intentions and goals. Aleta empowers you, whether you’re the CEO, VP of Finance, Director of Ops, or Head of HR, she meets you at where you are. She helps you clear your vision and pave the path in the direction you want to go. She has been able to gel our leadership team in ways we couldn’t imagine done within a short period of time. She is not just my executive coach, she has become my life coach. Whether I’m having a rough or a successful week, I look forward to the warmest and kindest “Hi” from Aleta."
"Aleta has been an amazing coach. I am so happy I started this process with her. She has become my go-to support person as a coach, and has helped me tremendously by guiding me through finding myself and what I am best at. I have seen my confidence grow, especially during this time of unknown. Aleta is professional and great at what she does. Thank you, Aleta!!"


Senior Director

One-on-one coaching


One-on-one coaching
"Working with Aleta has truly changed my life. She is helping me create the person I want to be and build a career and life that brings me happiness. Each conversation brings a new lesson and skill I can apply to every aspect of my life so that I can reach any goal I dream up. Aleta comes from a place of understanding, experience, care, and trust. I look forward to each session because at the end of each I feel empowered and unstoppable in my pursuit of happiness. She will help you realize what a badass woman you are especially when at first you don't see it in yourself."
Working with Aleta Maxwell, for the past 2 years has changed my life and the life of my non-profit and for-profit social enterprise. She has instilled in me a reflective nature that consistently motivates me to be the servant leader I've always wanted to be. Her ability to see past my initial remarks or circumstances to uncover deeply rooted patterns, negative beliefs or restrictive thoughts is uncanny. She has helped me grow my non-profit from a team of 3 to now, 16 people and growing. Aleta has coached me through toxic relationships in business within my start-up helping us grow from a team of 3 to a powerhouse team of 8! With Aleta Maxwell in my corner, I believe we will be able to hit our revenue triggers and our company goals for the next 5 years sooner than projected.


One-on-one coaching

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What our Students are saying about our Online Courses
"I enjoyed this course since it covered different topics of what to expect in a job and ways to act professional. Plus giving it our very best even if the job is not what you expected. I learned tips on how to be good worker and how your personality can impact your job and coworkers"
Ready. Set. Work. Course
"I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to work efficiently and I will hold the things I’ve learned here and take it with me to progress my life. Thank you."
R. Santiago
Ready. Set. Work. Course
"I've learned how to develop oneself in the workforce and what hazard to look for when improving. I've learned how to be an advocate for myself in the workforce. I liked how we had discussions about how to act, achieve, and perform better in a work environment so that we can reach higher positions."
C. Orozco
Ready. Set. Work. Course
"I’ve enjoyed every last piece of advice given throughout each lesson. I look forward to applying these tips to my everyday lifestyle as well. Most of all my favorite quote from the course, HAS to be "energy determines intention”, thank you so much!!!!"
K. Williams
Ready. Set. Work. Course
"This course helped me improve my time management, interview skills, and how to properly approach my boss with questions. It also made me feel more open and comfortable with myself to communicate with not just my boss but everyone at work if anything goes wrong on the job site. This course has shown me how to manage, interview, and properly ask questions to improve myself at work. This course also has been really helpful because now I'm more confident at work."
S. Alvarez
Ready. Set. Work. Course
"I learned how to work on my goals better. I enjoyed learning how to better myself. I learned that there are better ways to deal with people in difficult situations. I enjoyed learning how to be a better person."
K. Campbell-Anderson
Ready. Set. Work. Course
"I have learned a great deal on how to present and pitch myself in the best possible way and to better support the team around me, not just myself."
J. Ortega
Ready. Set. Work. Course
"I learned how to maintain and create my own success! I also learned how to focus on my emotions and isolating and finding the problem and solving it."
Ready. Set. Work. Course
"I learned a lot of job skills that I can use. I also learned how having a positive mindset can change your job outcome. This changed my perspective in the work force."
Ready. Set. Work. Course
"This course has been extremely helpful not only when it comes to the workplace, but daily human interaction also. It has taught me to be a better person, customer, and boss."
Ready. Set. Work. Course
"Taking this course made me learn how to balance well in the restaurant industry when it came to dealing with different type of customers. It also helped me prepare and be more confident at job interviews. Moreover, it taught me how to balance and stay on top of my goals."
Ready. Set. Work. Course
"I learned different things about how to manage my work ethic. And understanding different aspects of things and how to go about maintaining a healthy and professional relationship between me and a supervisor and also my co-workers."
Ready. Set. Work. Course

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I get such joy watching my clients have their own “lightbulb” moments! These are the moments that bring clarity, focus, and vision for their future. These moments come from self-realization and help catapult my clients to the next level of their professional careers. It is an honor to journey with them and witness their “lightbulb” breakthroughs!
Aleta Maxwell
Owner & Founder

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