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The Top Underrated Skills You MUST Develop To
Become A Successful Leader

Discover exactly what you need to lead a cohesive, motivated team that respects you, while still maintaining a productive work environment.

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Being an Effective Leader Requires More Than Just Hard Work Ethic.

You can’t control what challenges come your way at work (the 2020 year certainly taught us that!). 
But you can develop key skills to overcome challenges with confidence and continue to motivate your team, especially in an ever-changing work environment. 

In this FREE Webinar, you will learn:

What it takes to become a confident leader within your organization - regardless of the industry you're in.

Why a lot of organizations end up promoting leaders who aren't fully prepared for their role.

The skills required to show up daily in a consistent way as a leader so both you and your team members can perform at your best.

The real reason why you feel anxiety when it comes to handling difficult conversations.

How to get recognized for your efforts so you can attract more opportunities for promotion and a higher salary.

What your team needs from you to meet expectations and produce results, while feeling valued.

You will also get an inside look at my complete roadmap for becoming a stellar manager and team leader.

Meet your leadership coach

Aleta Maxwell

I know what it feels like to have a lot weighing on your shoulders with managing a team of people (big or small). And I know what it feels like to worry whether you’re saying and doing the right things. This is why I’ve spent over 15 yrs helping clients develop and become better leaders. As a coach who specializes in the servant leadership style, my ultimate goal is to ensure your team members feel seen, heard and appreciated for the skills they bring to the table. This is a key factor that has helped me successfully lead teams as big as 700 people at a time, resulting in better personnel retention, greater job satisfaction and significant cost savings to the organization.

Your people are your biggest asset.
Let me help you develop and empower your people to be and perform at their best. 

Aleta Maxwell
Leadership Coach & Founder
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